Save the NAS Pasco Control Tower restoration project is underway!

I am so appreciative of the great turnout! lots of helpful questions, suggestions and networking! She’s a diamond in the rough, right?

Next step is to set operating hours for work parties, the project priorities and get the project timeline written down to help keep things moving smoothly.

Volunteer/ Work Party Hours: Every Friday 8am-Noon




Please check in at Bergstrom’s office to be escorted to the old tower building.

Priorities: remove/reroute surface mount electrical, remove interior non-structural walls, remove ceiling tiles, gut bathroom,

cover flooring and general clean-up. Timeline: tbd


Anyone that would like to help, please bring your own appropriate protective gear such as gloves, eye protection, hat and work shoes. The non-profit will provide dust masks. If you are a qualified electrician, or know one that would like to volunteer/supervise the initial electrical remove/reroute,
please call me at 509-521-7117.

On your mark, get set, GO!


Malin Bergstrom
Volunteer Board President
Save the Old NAS Pasco Control Tower
509-547-6271 office
509-547-7931 fax
509-521-7117 cell